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Jason Kreidman, founder of Dad University, is a dynamic speaker on the topic of fatherhood. Jason offers his own experiences and stories, armed with a witty sense of humor, to address your audience’s questions, fears, and excitement concerning fathering.

As a father of two, Jason found that transitioning from a single guy to a married dad was tough financially, emotionally and physically. He loved his family, but found himself in a chaotic state after his second child was born. He started seeking out resources and classes to help him learn more about parenting and how to navigate fatherhood, but found very little. He felt there was a need for more resources designed for dads building relationships with their children. From this realization combined with his passion for being a dad, the meetup group in San Diego was founded in 2013. The Dudes to Dads podcast was then started in 2015, providing weekly tips, tools and advice—along with a good story or two about his own children. The podcast covers every aspect of fathering from handling the death of a family member to lack of sleep to disciplining your child. The Dudes To Dads podcast was renamed the Dad University Podcast in 2019.

In 2017 Jason started the Dad University YouTube channel offering weekly videos for dads to learn what they are not taught in school. Now, Jason speaks to dads from all over the world on what it takes to be a great dad. He’s earned a reputation as a dynamic speaker, compassionate mentor and hilarious dude-now-dad.

While talks can be completely customized for your event, here are some suggested topics:

The Fatherhood Formula: 7 Principles of Dad Success

This talk highlights the 7 key principles essential for dads to be connected, involved, and having a loving relationship with their child. The talk includes discussion of each of these principles as well as actionable takeaways to implement the principles.

Finding Work Life Balance - Can Dads Have It All?

We want to be good fathers, husbands, sons, employees, and good at every other role we play. Even though fathers have tripled the amount of time they spend with their kids since 1965, we are still feeling like it isn’t enough. Working mothers spend about twice as much time with their children as working fathers do. In this talk, Jason provides insight on how Dads can be successful both at work and at home.

Dudes to Dads: Transitioning from the Life of a Single Dude to a Family Man

Transitioning from a single guy to a father can be tough—financially, emotionally and physically. Understanding these difficulties and having successful methods to get through them can be valuable. Jason provides insight on his own experience, highlighting how a change in priorities doesn’t mean you sacrifice who you are.

Connecting with Kids – Why It’s Important & How To Do It

Everyone, especially children, want to feel connected. When children don’t feel connected at home, school, or within the community, that can lead to problems. Children will find connection through bad behavior including sex, drugs, gangs, etc. Learn 11 simple ways you can connect with your children and create a close relationship.

Dad Stereotypes – What Are They & How Do We Change Them

While stereotypes can be rooted from some truth, many of them can be hurtful or demeaning. Feeding into the stereotypes can also effect also greatly affect our children. In this talk, Jason touches on many of the stereotypes dad’s face and what fathers can do to change them.

6 Proven Strategies to Be a Better Father

How to be a better husband and father is something you can learn and implement immediately. In this talk, I offer tips on being a better father so that you can improve the relationship with your child and make a positive impact on them. Our tips on being a better husband allow you to better understand your wife so your marriage can thrive. 

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Give Your Audience an Experience They Will Remember.

Jason has been described by his audience as engaging, warm and a highly dynamic parenting speaker for his entertaining and informative presentations. He amazingly teaches and offers fathers practical solutions through story and experience. He motivates men to solve problems and overcome barriers with their kids.

As a passionate and credible speaker on the topics related to fatherhood, Jason has proven himself an asset for educational institutes, schools, organizations, and corporations. He is zealous and excited to share his wonderful experiences, expertise and personal stories to teach parents for immediate and visible results.

Jason’s goal is to make your event as successful as possible. Whether he is the keynote speaker or a facilitator in a workshop, he can provide an informative and entertaining talk to fathers. He can communicate to both small and large audiences and talks can be customized according to the requirements of your event. Contact us today and book Jason for your event.